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The multidisciplinary academic laboratory focused on bridging the gap between Web 3.0 technologies and Legal Informatics technologies

Our Mission

The Legal Blockchain Lab is a interdisciplinary research laboratory originally created by  Professors Monica Palmirani of the CIRSIFD-AI ( Interdepartmental Centre for Research in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Law and in Computer Science and Law, now unit of research of AlmaAI – Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence), with also the cooperation of NTTDATA. Nowadays, the Scientific Committee of the lab counts several professors and researchers of the CIRSFID-AI, the Department of Legal Studies, the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Bolognaand of University of Urbino. The multidisciplinary approach of the lab is focused on using Legal Informatics methodologies, technologies and theories to bridge the gap between Web 3.0 technologies and Legal, Deliberative and Democratic traditions of countries around the world. We perform prototypes in the legal domain.


Our research group has more than twenty years of academic experience in Legal Informatics technologies. We have proposed worldwide used XML standards for digitalizing legal resources and other already well-known frameworks and methodologies for handling legal resources

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We are researching ways to improve Web 3.0 technologies by applying our Legal Informatics experience on technologies like blockchains and the distributed web

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Our lab is involved in several activities, such as proposing research projects focused on Web 3.0 technologies, and organizing summer schools and seminaries focused on Web 3.0 technologies

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Scientific Committee

Monica Palmirani
Scientific Coordinator

Monica Palmirani is a professor in Computer Science and Law and Legal Informatics at University of Bologna, School of Law. Her research fields include XML standards and techniques for modelling legal documents, legal knowledge, legal ontologies, legal rules, legal drafting techniques. She has been leaded more than 50 international, European and national research projects in the domain. She has published more than 80 papers and she has been co-chair of LegalDocML (Akoma Ntoso) and LegalRuleML TCs in OASIS. She is also Director of OASIS Board

Monica Palmirani WebsiteMonica Palmirani email
Luca Cervone
Technical Chief

Luca has over 10 years of experience as a researcher, project manager, and developer in Legal Informatics, Deliberative Systems, and Documental Processes in complex Institutional Contexts.

Luca Cervone WebsiteLuca Cervone email
Fabio Vitali
Member of the Scientific Committee

Fabio is full professor in Computer Science at the University of Bologna. He has been a member of W3C and the initial proponent of the Akoma Ntoso vocabulary. Nowadays he is the co-chair of the LegalDocML Technical Committee in OASIS. Fabio is also interested in Web Technologies, Digital Publishing technologies, Digital Humanities and Semantic Web. He has authored more than 150 papers on his research topics.

Fabio Vitali WebsiteFabio Vitali email
Stefano Ferretti
Member of the Scientific Committee

Stefano is associate professor in Computer Science at the University of Bologna since 2014, his research interests are in the fields od distributed systems, comunication networks, wireless and mobile systems, complex networks, multimedia systems.

Stefano Ferretti WebsiteStefano Ferretti email
Michele Martoni
Member of the Scientific Committee

Michele is junior Assistant Professor of the University of Bologna, at the Department of Legal Science. He carries out his research in the field of legal informatics and the philosophy of law. The research interests are aimed in particular at theories on personal identity linked to the recent development of the information society, the protection of personal data and eGovernment. Engaged in national and international research projects, he collaborates with various international bodies.

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Biagio Distefano
Ph.D. Student

Biagio Distefano is a doctoral researcher in the Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate - Rights of Internet of Everything, funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

His doctoral research focuses on the Distributed ledger technologies beyond financial applications: eDemocracy and new forms of Governance.

Biagio Distefano LinkedIn
Nadia Pocher
Ph.D. Student

Nadia is a doctoral researcher at UAB, KUL and UNIBO within the Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate – Rights of Internet of Everything, funded by MSCA. She is a European and Transnational Law graduate (University of Trento, 2016), with a special interest in EU company law. Her PhD research focuses on Distributed Ledger Technologies between anonymity and publicity in the Internet of Money landscape, notably from an AML/CFT perspective.

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Mirko Zichichi
Ph.D. Student

Mirko is a doctoral researcher in the Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate - Rights of Internet of Everything, funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.
His research focuses on location privacy and inference in online social networks and on the use of distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts for the protection and distribution of individuals’ personal data.

Mirko Zichichi Personal SiteMirko Zichichi Unibo

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